Horden Martial Arts Club
Horden Martial Arts Club

Welcome to the Horden Martial Arts Club web site.

Horden Martial Arts Club (HMAC) currently practices Kamishin Ryu Karate ("Way of the Heart") and are associated with the Shikon Buda Kai federation.

We currently train at Horden Centennial Centre (Just behind St. Mary's Church) on Tuesday nights from 7pm.

The club was originally started in 1991/2 by Sensei's Margaret Hunt & Francis Wilson briefly, until John Blevins took the club over while he was a brown belt, he had some help from his son Michael who was a 1st Dan. John went on to get his 3rd Dan before having to retire due to medical reasons

In September 2007 Sensei John handed the club over to Chris Anderson who is now a 4th Dan in Karate