Horden Martial Arts Club
Horden Martial Arts Club

Training Info

Training Times
HMAC train on Tuesday nights at the centennial centre starting at 7-8pm (juniors/beginners) and 7-9pm (seniors/high grades).

Training Fees

Subscriptions (club membership, Federation membership & Insurance)

Karate is a martial art that can be practiced by people of all ages. However, for insurance reasons, we have a minimum age of five years old.

Gradings are every four months - usually the first or second week in March, July and November. In the run up to grading time all students will spend time training for their next grade.

Club Competition
Our club competition takes place once a year, this year (2016) we are hoping to host this later on in the year to allow students chance to compete against each other in kata (forms), kumite (fighting). Participation is not necessary, however this is an excellent chance to gain competition experience.

Presentation Night
The presentation night is the highlight of the club's year and takes place on the Tuesday following the club competition. Trophies from the club competition, our annual awards ("Best Low Grade", "Instructor's Award" etc) and various others (dan grade awards) are awarded and the club "chills out".

Usual Training Session

The above is a typical training session and can change at a moment's notice!

To start with, you can train in tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt. However, after a few sessions and before grading, a Karate suit or gi will be required. These can be purchased through the club for less than high street stores. Also available through the club are club badges (required for competitions), 'Black Books' (containing all grade syllabus' and other useful information) and various styles of sparring pads can be bought from Chris.
Other items such as focus pads, kick shields and martial arts weaponry can also be purchased through the club or from A1 Trophies and Engraving.